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Keever Plumbing Company

Plumbing Technology Leader

          Over the past 18 years, Keever, Dalton, Johnson has invested heavily in the latest plumbing technologies and equipment in order to offer our customers a range of service and expertise unmatched by any other plumber in the Atlanta Area. Scientific Detection Services, Inc. is the KDJ division responsible for providing this broad range of high-tech services.
Trenchless services offered include….
  • Horizontal directional drilling to install or replace water and  drain lines
  • Pipe bursting and simultaneous replacement
  • Acoustical leak and pipe locating
  • Video inspection of drain and sewer lines
  • Pot holing for line and utility locating
  • High pressure water jet clearing of blockages
  • High pressure vacuum excavation of man holes and backflow vaults
Other services provided include….
  • Backflow installation, testing, service and repair, all sizes
  • Smoke detection of odor causing drain line leaks
All of the above services are available to members of the plumbing trade.

direction drilling

Keever Plumbing Company


Keever Plumbing Company

Jet-vac services 


Pipe bursting and
line replacement


Keever Plumbing Company