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Keever is Action

Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial Plumbing Service is our specialty!
You want experience? We’ve got it. Since 1988!

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  • Tenant Finish

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  • Commercial Construction
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Action: When you need a commercial, industrial, or property management plumber, regardless of the job, you want one that has the right people, skills and equipment to respond promptly, to perform satisfactorily and to stand behind their work. You want action!  Keever is Action.

No Excuses: When you need a plumber after normal working hours, you don’t want to be told that the shop closes at five o’clock; that you have to wait for the supply houses to open or for subcontractors to respond. You don’t want excuses. You want action! Keever is Action.

Technology Leader: We have been in the business of providing quality, innovative commerical plumbing services to the Atlanta area for nineteen years. We are a leader in the application of new plumbing technologies to commercial service and construction. Outfitted with the finest equipment available in the industry, Keever Plumbing is able to offer you a range of expertise and in-house plumbing services unmatched by our competition. To take a look at some of our high-tech services click on Plumbing Technology Leader. 

Benefits to You: In addition to the typical plumbing services, we offer our commercial customers the following specialty services and benefits.

  1. No-dig trenchless technologies: From water and sewer line installation or replacement, to pot-holing for locating lines and utilities, to manhole, backflow vault and mainline cleanout, our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and high-efficient, jet-vacuum equipment and expertise are unmatched by any other plumber.
  2. Leak detection and line locating: Using the latest in video and acoustical equipment, our plumbing experts come real close to turning an art into a science.
  3. Backflow specialists: We specialize in the installation of large backflow devices, but install, service and repair all sizes.
  4. Odor detection: Using the latest in smoke generators, Keever’s technology savvy professionals find and fix sewer odors that defy conventional practices.
  5. Experienced Professionals: All (100%) of our Service Technicians and Team Leaders are licensed professionals.
  6. Problem Resolution Team (PRT): With over 400 years of combined plumbing experience, our PRT of Master Plumbers will examine your plumbing problem or construction specifications and provide you a no-cost estimate for performing the work.

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